[Tutorial + Template] Wizard Party Theme Banner Cut Out

Make your witch or wizard thrilled with this enchanted paper banner for their Halloween or birthday. The wizard-themed banner comes with 8 pieces: gemstone, 2 potion vials, feather, wand, glasses, spell book, and crystal ball. Hang up this banner at the party, on the wall above the rooms, party table, across a doorway, or even in a bed room. This is total magic when you see the cut outs. Like my other templates you have the option to purchase the PDF or SVG format of this template; however, along with the respective files, this template also comes with PNG and JPG images.  This means you can open your PNG or JPG files and print them off as 1 piece instead of piecing them together on cardstock. 

Buy the Wizard Banner Template Here

Table of contents:


Materials Needed:

  • Wizard Banner Template
  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • String
  • Tape


Video Tutorial:

Written Instruction:

Step 1

After you've printed and cut your pieces from cardstock, begin assembly of the individual pieces by glueing them in order of left to right. Repeat to the rest of the pieces.


Step 2

Using a pen, decorate your pieces to give extra character. Repeat to the rest of the pieces.


Step 3

With aid of a ruler, tape the pieces to a piece of string approximately 6" or 15cm apart.  Trim excess tape off the pieces and hang when finished.


Happy Crafting!

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