[Tutorial + Template] Swing Card

Today we will be making a swing card which holds 2 pictures.  There are 3 templates for 3 different size photos: 2x3", 3x4", and 4x6".  The final card folded measures 3-7/8x4-1/8", 4-7/8x5-1/8", and 6-3/8x7-3/8", respectively.

Once you have the template printed out, cut it out onto your cardstock.  Cut the inner red lines first on the card base before cutting the outer red lines.  Score along the grey lines.  

Cut the decorative mat pieces from your chosen cardstock.  I like using 2 highly contrasting patterns.

Glue everything together and insert your photos.

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Happy crafting!

Gather your card stock, ruler, x-acto knife, and template.


Now tape the template sheet on top of the cardstock and place on top of a cutting board. Get your knife and start cutting along the inside red lines on the template. I'll be using a cork back ruler and an x-acto knife for this.

After you've finished cutting along the inside lines, you're going to want to start cutting along the outside, red lines.

When you're done with all that cutting, you're going to be scoring along the grey lines.


You should have card stock similar to the picture above after all the cutting and scoring. Start folding along the scored lines.

Give it a test swing!

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