[Tutorial + Template] Rounded Box in a Card

This adorable card is the perfect base for your next greeting card and will surely put a smile on your recipient's face when it POPs open.  The rounded card in a box is a variation to the first box in a card.  When putting all together, the card measures 5 x 5" with each panel measuring 2.5 x 2.5".

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For the video tutorial, I've gone through a Father's Day layout for the pop-up graphics. You can use any graphics you'd like and you can customize it however you wish.  If you would like to make a similar box I am offering a free download of the camping/outdoor graphics here.

Once you have your template printed and cut out, fold along all the scored lines.

Glue the dividers into place making sure you do not glue on top of the scored lines.

Assemble the card and glue all the mats onto the outside and inside.

Decorate your card with embellishments and graphics.

Happy Crafting!

Step 1


Start by gathering all the dividers for the card. Once you have those, you'll want to fold along the score lines. You'll want to fold it back and forth a few times. Next, you'll want to get the card base and fold along all its vertical score lines.


After you've folded along the vertical score lines, you'll want to add glue on ONE side of the divider, and flip it over and glue on the other end of the divider. For example, if you glue on the left side, you'll flip it over and glue on the right side.


Once that's done, you'll want to line up the divider to the vertical score line furthest to the right. We'll start with the right divider first. Make sure that the divider can stand back up and then glue the second divider right beside the first one. Repeat until you finished using all your dividers.


When you're done, you're going to want to flip the card over. Add glue to the side tab on the right. Flip it back over and fold the left side in first and then the right side. The right side should have landed perfectly on top of the tab you just glued.

Press down on everything to make sure it will stick. You should now be holding a box card in your hands. Now open the card and fold down the panels. Be sure to leave one of them standing up!

Step 2


Gather all the mats from our website and start glueing them to the card base that you just made.

Don't forget about the panels on the side! For the last panel, I would recommend laying the card down and sliding the mat into the base.

Step 3

We'll now be adding the finishing touches to the card using the graphics that we've provided and some tacky glue. Glue on the bottom of the graphics and press them onto the dividers in the middle of the card base.


Once the graphics have been stuck on, fold the card to secure them in tightly. Repeat these two steps until you've added all the graphics onto the card. When that's done, be sure to add some graphics to the side panels!

You should end up with a beautifully crafted round pop-up card!

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