[Tutorial +Template] Nested Card

This nested card is three layers of surprise!  The card is 4x6" in its closed formation, and pulls out to be 11.5" long.  This template is offered in PDF and SVG and is compatible with all printers and cutting machines.  Make this card in various colour schemes and decorate with your favourite pictures, memories, and inscriptions.


Buy the Nested Card Template Here

 Table of Contents:


Materials Needed:

      • Nested Card Template
      • Cardstock
      • Scissors
      • Score tool
      • Glue


Video Tutorial:


Written Instruction:

Print and cut template on to desired cardstock, cut on solid lines and score on dashed lines


Step 1

Fold piece B along score lines



Step 2

Insert piece A through the slit of piece B


Step 3

Apply glue on to the tabs and bottom edge and fold closed.  Give piece A the pull test to make sure it isn't glued incorrectly.


Step 4

Insert the glued assembly through the slit of piece C


Step 5

Fold along the score lines and glue into place


Step 6

Repeat inserting the assembly through the slit of piece D.  Fold along the score line and glue into place.


Happy Crafting!

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