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[Tutorial + Template] Heart Air Balloon Card

Float into the Valentine's Day season with this heart air balloon card. Pull on the cloud to see the hearts flutter.  This template is offered in PDF and SVG and is compatible with all printers and cutting machines. You can make these heart air balloon cards in any variation of colour making it really eye catching. Anything can be written inside or you an stick pictures into these cards so when you pull the tab it will reveal the messages or pictures.


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Table of Contents:


Materials Needed:


    Video Tutorial:


    Written Instruction:

    Step 1

    Print and/or cut your template onto desired cardstock.


    Step 2

    Glue piece A1 to A2


    Glue A to the right-hand side of piece B


    Fold along the centre score line of piece B


    Step 3

    Take piece C and fold along the centre score line


    Glue the smaller half of piece C


    Align and glue to the back of piece B


    Repeat Step 3 to piece D fold along score line


    Glue smaller half of piece D to bigger half of piece C


    Step 4

    Fold along score lines of piece E


    Fold and glue the left edge of piece E into a long 3D rectangle


    Glue the right half of piece E to the bigger half of piece D


    Running glue along the 3D rectangle place centred onto the base piece


    Step 5

    Take piece F1 and place glue on the top and bottom edges only.  Align to the left edge of piece E and glue down to the base piece


    Take piece F2 and place glue on the top and bottom edges only.  Align horizontally with F1 and glue down onto the base piece behind piece B


    Step 6

    Glue piece G2 to the right side of piece E - be sure to place it to the right of the scoreline and not directly on top


    Take piece G1 and place on top of left side of piece E.  Taking index finger feel for the top edge of piece E to use as a glue guide. Glue down slightly to the left of the scoreline


    Step 7

    Take pieces H1, H2, and H3 and glue H2 to H3 and H1 to H2


    Glue H to the bottom of the Base piece covering the ends of F1 and F2


    Step 8

    Take I1 and I2 and glue on top of F1 and F2