[Tutorial + Template] Gameboy Waterfall Card – Paper Chaser TO

[Tutorial + Template] Gameboy Waterfall Card

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This Gameboy Waterfall Card was inspired by my last template, the Mac Book P-Air. As a 90s kid, I can remember the days of playing Super Mario and Tetris on my aunts Gameboy. The Waterfall card was the perfect base to build this card off of doubling the pull tab as the game cartridge.



If you have downloaded the PDF version of this card, print it out and transfer it onto appropriately coloured cardstock; cut on the solid lines and score along the dashed lines.

Start with Piece A and fold along the scored lines in the center of the piece. Fold on the lines back and forth and make sure that the paper is creased - the more the better.

Take Piece C with the square notch at the top left and crease at the scoreline towards you. Place glue along the tab.

Flip Piece A so that the most rounded corner is at the top left and glue Piece C to the last scored section making sure you do not glue on top of the scored line.

Piece C2 is the game cartridge label, decorate this before gluing it down. Centre it to the bottom of Piece C. Glue piece C1 centred to the top of piece C.

Taking Piece B - this is the back of your card, glue along the outer portions of the piece so that once you place it on the back of Piece A, Piece C is not glued down. Be sure to glue the side of Piece B where the most rounded corner is at the bottom right. Make sure you haven't glued Piece C down by giving the tab a pull. Place the glued card under something heavy like a textbook to dry.

Take Piece D, E, and F and glue Piece D1, E1, and F1 to the center, respectively.

Rotate your card base so that the Piece C tab is on your right-hand side and apply glue to the first scored section closest to the right side of the card. Make sure you do not place any glue on the scored lines. Glue Piece F onto this first section. Repeat for the next 2 sections gluing piece E then piece D. Give the Piece C tab a pull to make sure the waterfall mechanism is still working. This may be a bit stiff the first couple of times you pull it but will loosen up over time.

All we have left is to glue the decorative pieces to the front of Piece A. Piece A1 is the screen border, make sure you glue it down so that the most rounded corner is at the bottom right-hand side. The arrow pad (A3) and the A button (A4) are glued 1" below A1, and 1/2" from the edges of the card. The B button (A4) is 1/4" to the left of A button and aligned to the bottom of the arrow pad (A3). The select and start buttons (A2) are glued centred at a 30-degree angle 3/4" from the bottom of the card.

Happy Crafting!