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[Tutorial + Template] Craft You Own Tea Light Cake - Part 1

Hello everyone! 
You've seen my tea light cakes in my Birthday Explosion Box and Rose Explosion Box. So, I've created a simple template you can print out and use to decorate the tea lights with.
I purchased my tea lights from Michaels craft store. The come in a pack of 6 for around $9 CAD. I've seen something similar at the dollar store but the flame wasn't as cute. Nonetheless, both would work fine.
Print the template out and cut around the tabs. Also, cut out the middle circle, this will fit over the flame. Be sure if you are printing onto decorative paper, that you print on the wrong side.
You could also trace around the printed template onto nice paper.
Glue down the top circle first. If you have time, allow this to dry before moving on. Now, glue down the tabs onto the side of the tea light candle.
From here you can leave it as is. I don't like the look of the tabs so cut out a strip that will fit the circumference of your tea light. For this one it measures 1.8 x 12.5 cm. Add a centimetre or so to glue it down.
Once dry, you can decorate using gems, flowers, or anything you like!