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[Tutorial + Template] Birthday Twist Pop Up Card

A touch of handmade brings specialty to any greeting card you are hoping to make. Why not opt to make your next birthday card instead of a store bought one. You will be able to make your own unique birthday card giving your pop up card its very own style. Easy and quick to make with the greeting card template. When you give this birthday card to friends and family, they will become impressed by your crafty talent.

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Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial:


Written Instructions:

Step 1

Cut and score all the pieces.


Step 2 

Glue the panels onto the folded card. This piece will go on to the mechanism later.

Take the square panels and glue it onto the base of the card. Glue all sides down.

You can now take the bow and glue it to the card base and it will become the front of your card.

Step 3

Get your mechanism piece and fold it diagonally both left and right side. Then fold it in half like a hot-dog.

When you've finished folding, push inwards on the middle creases and you should have something similar.

Grab the folded card you made earlier and apply glue to the red indicated areas. and then fold it back up.

You are going to slide the folded card piece in-between the mechanism so that it gets glued together. (Red indicates the area where you can see the glue) (Yellow indicates the other folded side which you have applied glue on) 

Step 4

Now glue the triangle portion of the mechanism and stick it close to the centre of the base card.

Glue the other triangle portion of the mechanism and close the card base.

When you open the card now, it will twist and pop open!

Congratulations on making your twist and pop card!