[Tutorial] Make Your Own Paper Flowers / Bouquet!

Finally, spring has sprung into full action. Canada has long winters if you didn’t know.  I've been seeing everything start blooming and bursting with Spring flavors. This got me into the creative Spring mood.
I decided to make and show you guys how to make paper Hyacinth flowers that never wither away and die.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Any colour paper you want the flower to be
  • Green paper
  • Scissors Glue stick

Step 2: Creating The Stem

Take your green paper and cut a strip from it, the measurement of the strip should be or roughly 8.5″ x 2. Once you do that, choose a side of that strip, take the glue stick, and glue the entire one side of the paper strip you cut. Now that you have an entire side covered in glue.

You're going to roll up from either corner of the paper in an upward diagonal motion. Do this until it turns into a stick which is the stem.

Step 3: Creating The Flower

Use the same measurements as you did for the stem and choose your desired colour of choice for the flower. Cut out a strip from the coloured paper you chose.

Take the strip and fold it horizontally for 3/8".

Then snip the paper into strips to the folded line you made. Make sure they are 1/4″ wide. Continue cutting 1/4″ strips until you’ve made it across the entire strip of paper.

Once you cut all the strips roll everyone up to the end for the cut.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Take the finished flower part where you rolled and glue the folded bottom edge. Make sure you choose the side that makes the flower curl outwards.

Take your stem you made and start gluing the flower diagonally downwards on to the stem. Once you reach the end you may need to apply more glue for it to hold together.

Step 5: The Final Touch

Take the same green paper and cut out a 2″ x 3″ rectangle.

Fold it into an accordion.

Once its in folded cut it into a leaf shape and trim it if necessary. Glue bottom edge and wrap it around the flower.

Ta-dah!! You made your first flower.

You will likely need to make a few more to make the banquet look nicer!

Happy Crafting!

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