[Tutorial] Make Your Own Ornaments From Washi Tape!

Here’s a quick and easy way for you to use your washi tape to make some unique and pretty looking ornaments. You will need a Styrofoam ball and string or you can use glass ornaments with the pre-existing hook. Use my technique I show you in the video to achieve a layered, rose-like look. Attach on a ribbon bow to the top for that extra touch.

I got this inspiration from meeting a local origami artist from Toronto. I was so amazed by her ornaments because they looked so out of the ordinary and such a new way of using washi tape. I’m not one to follow trends so I never got onto the washi tape bandwagon, BUT I found some at the dollar store!

The tape I used in this video is Elmer’s Repositionable Tape and some craft tape. You can use any type of tape for this project whether it be duct tape, masking tape, or even electrical tape.