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[Tutorial+ Template] Slide Up Gift Card Holder

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Do you often find yourself not being able to find a gift for someone in your life? Ultimately you always end up giving them a gift card in a plain envelope. Now those days are over, you are no longer the plain Jane everyone thinks you are. This slide up gift card holder template will allow you to give any gift card with style and finesse. It is a great way to dress up boring old gift cards which allows you to smoothly slide up the card when the gift card holder flap is lifted. You will impress people that think you are the boring gift card giver to someone that is fun and creative.


  • Slide Up Gift Card Holder Template
  • X-acto knife and cutting mat / or cutting machine
  • Tape
  • Score board and Bone folder
  • ATG Adhesive Gun
  • Tacky glue (white glue)
  • Magnets
  • Gift Card


1) Get your template ready and printed off.

2) Skip to step 6 if you cut the template by machine.

If you are cutting out the template by hand, take desired card stock and lay the template on top.

Then tape down the template and cut through with a cutting mat underneath. Make sure you only cut the solid black lines, score dash lines, and line up the triangles with glue.  

When you cut out slider card piece A and B make sure you keep the template cut out as well.


3) Take your slider card décor template and choose your decorative paper so you can tape it on the template. Then proceed to cut out the solid lines.

4) The last Template for this tutorial is a decorative piece and slider card piece. You can cut the template in half. The square outline can be cut out on decorative paper and the card holder piece on the same coloured card stock or your desired choice.

5) Gather all the pieces that have dash lines from the slider card template. Make sure you have the template paper as well so you know where to score and glue.

Put the template on top of the card stock cut out and begin to score on the dash lines and give a little score on the red line so you know where to line up the other half of the piece

You can now fold the scored lines on the slider card pieces. 

Once all slider card template pieces are scored and folded, you can now line up the triangles and glue together the separate pieces to make a single card.

6) You now have the main slider card which you can now add decoration paper and assemble accordingly. You can start with the square piece right in the middle of the slider card. Make sure when you glue it down it has even space all around.

Here I have magnets to help close the slider card. You can use anything you want whether its tape or Velcro. I tape the magnets in place and hide them by gluing on the decorative paper.

Take your card holder piece and glue the top scored section. Fold it forward and lay it between the square décor piece and then fold the slider top onto the glued area so now it is attached.

Glue the tabs down and fold over so that it creates a pocket

pull out the card holder piece and glue on the card holder cover décor and then the rest of your other décor with equal spacing.  

7) put in the gift card and you are finished.