[Tutorial + Template] Cupcake Birthday Surprise Slider Card

I can agree for all of us that we all love cup cakes! This easy to do cupcake birthday slider card is best to give to boys and girls for their special day. You can also make these for fun and create some interesting combinations of colours with your favourite paper pack. This arts and craft project is easy for your children to finish with barely any adult help. This will be the perfect greeting card to make and give out for last minute birthday invitations.

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Table of Contents:

Materials Needed:

Video Tutorial:


Written Instructions:

Step 1

Get your template and have it cut out and scored.

Step 2 

Gather the slider and cupcake wrapper pieces.


Fold cupcake wrapper piece in half and the tabs down.

Then make sure the slit is cut open for the slider piece to fit through.

Now sandwich the slider piece in the cupcake wrapper and glue tabs down.

Glue the cover of the cupcake wrapper to the newly piece you just made. Make sure it’s lined up to cover the tabs.

Step 3

Glue on cupcake wrapper decoration. Do it for both sides.

Take the cupcake top and glue it to the slider and make sure it lines up with the cupcake wrapper. 

Step 4

Flip it over and glue the first cherry layer to the middle and sandwich it with the cupcake top.

Glue the second cupcake layer to the first cupcake layer.

Complete the cherry by gluing the two layers.

Do the same on the opposite side.

Congratulations on making your cupcake Birthday Surprise Slider Card!

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